When we remember the exact place where we read a specific page on a book

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Blogging Adventure: Day 2

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Trying to stick to our plans is great fun… Let’s see if this blog survives the whirlpool that is my blogging life.

Today, I’ll talk about a new book, but don’t forget to check my first proper post.

By the way, I’m a very bad boy: I still haven’t updated by About page…



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If you think Evolution is false, read these books

Well, I’ve started my blog today and I will try to propose you one or more books per day. I am probably being a bit unrealistic, but let me try!

Now, to start this off… One of my preferred blogs of lately is Why Evolution Is True. It’s a funny blog for me, since the author is very articulate and very direct (even blunt) defending something I don’t have a problem with. It’s funny to see someone keep fighting a ghost that should have disappeared long ago and do that with such verve and in such beautiful prose. And, yes, arguments are impeccable too.

The ghost is Creationism. The Theory of Evolution, which I learned as a boy (even on religion classes!) as the simple explanation of the incredible variety of nature is rejected by some as some “devil wrong explanation” that is driving people from God and the truth: that Earth and species were created by God directly.

Well, they are wrong. Scientifically, it makes as much sense as claiming the Earth is flat or humans were created by aliens.

If you don’t believe me, just read these two wonderfully information and interesting books: The Greatest Show on Earth… 

… and Why Evolution is True.

In Portugal (there’s where I am), we have no problem accepting Evolution — and we are still a deeply religious country. We find it incredible that people still have a problem with this explanatory model, which is almost self-evident once you understand it.

For example, this blogger asks “If Evolution is True Why Can’t I Believe It”, as if his acceptance of evolution had any bearing on the truth of it. Well, Evolution will be true or false regardless of what we think of it; in fact, God will exist or not regardless of what we believe. So, we should try to understand reality, not yell that something is unreal because I can’t believe in it. (By the way, people who don’t believe in Evolution do it because they have an emotional attachment to an older, worst explanation.)

Evolution is still, well, evolving, but, as usual with science, if there’s no certainty regarding a final version of the explanatory model called “Theory of Evolution”, there is certainty regarding the falsehood of Creationism. Science is humble and so has no certainties; but science is also a powerful error-detecting machine and Creationism is an error if ever there was one.

In fact, if you think this is a fight between different groups of scientists, you should understand that science didn’t start looking for some explanation to disprove Creationism. If Creationism was the best explanation around and conformed to evidence, scientists would be just as happy to accept is as they are happy to accept Evolution. In fact, there is a very strong consensus among scientists that Evolution is a very good framework to understand where we came from. It’s quite simple, really. (Just read those books and you’ll see what I mean!)

Scientists are not the Devil. They are truth-seekers and they may be wrong, but they didn’t decide beforehand on what to believe. they research, discuss, apply a very good method and change their minds if needed…

(By the way, don’t try to argue with me, argue with those books. I’m just proposing books, not explaining Evolution.)


A good video about this that I’m still watching:

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These Bookish Things

Inspired not only by WordPress itself, but also by my blogging fury which I have had difficulty in controlling, I’m starting this blog.

In fact, I have to things in mind when I think what I want of this blog during 2014: first of all, I want to keep going. I’ve started countless blogs (really: I could create a blog with a post per created blog that I didn’t follow through): let’s see if this is the one that sticks. Then, I also want to write about books and science. Yes, that’s it. I’m a literature guy, but I’ve acquired an obsession about science that I hope I will be able to explain (and propagate, in fact).

So, if you like books, literature, science, science writing, or anything in between, stick with me. Start by following the blog and then, read on. And comment on, etc.

(By the way, I’m not a native speaker of English. Please, be kind to my broken English.)

See you around!

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